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Welcome to my homepage!

As I lived in the USA in the past for 1 year, worked in Greenville SC in 2006, spend my vacations in the states every 2 years and have friends mostly in Chicago and around San Francisco who are visiting me yearly, I am not afraid to talk English. I've already seen 34 states, so you can contact me in this language, too.

You can reach my business-sites only if you sign in for my newsletter, but that is in German, too. So if you want access the German pages (as you are speaking this language) please sign in or let me know by mail how I can help you.

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business stuff:

Coaching, Training, Beratung: Since October 2011 I am a freelancer and offer you support for you, your teams and your company.

I have completed a lot of training courses on:

project management, communication, enhancements of teams, conflict management, leadership, decision making process, effectiveness & efficiency, stress handling, motivation and self- management, time- and target-management.

I also offer project-, process- and personal-coaching for teams and individuals.

I can help solving problems in organizational development and changes and I am doing management consultation.

As a temporary project leader especially in task-force-projects I can take over teams within short time and lead them to success.

Please let me know, if you like what I offer, I will then contact you!

Publications: you can find all the books and songs that I have written so far or what I am presently working on

private stuff:

Darüber lacht ganz München: funny storries and a lot of stupid things that happen in Munich caused by mismanagement, polititians or offices (that is not up to date, sorry)

Privates: something about me, my hobbies etc.

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Impressum: my address etc.
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